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 Pace Technology offers a variety of solutions to protect and ensure the efficiency of your fleet. The Pace system utilizes GPS technology in the Shield and screen solutions to lock and track vehicles remotely so that you can manage your fleet from anywhere. Pace solutions can make your vehicle the ultimate tool.

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Pace Technology Solutions


Shield is a screenless web-based system that allows you to monitor your vehicles anytime and anywhere from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
• Scheduled Vehicle Lockdowns
• Geofencing Zones to Protect Vehicles and Site
• Fault History and Alerting
• Vehicle Travel History Reports

7” & 10” Enhanced Graphics Screen

Enjoy all the benefits of Shield plus a screen-based solution that enhances user experience and provides ways for your site to generate revenue.
• Site Map with Interactive Touch Screen
• Multimedia Advertising
• Two-Way Messaging
• Enhanced Geofencing with Speed Enforcement Areas

User Access Control

Through the Pace Key Manager, you can set users or user groups to vehicles to manage who can operate specified equipment.
• Manage User Access Times
• Assign Vehicles to User or User Group
• Pin Code Screen-Based Access Method
• RFID or Bluetooth Beacon Screenless Access Methods

Improving User Experience

Provide users with your site map to ensure that they never get lost. Drivers can see where the vehicle is on the overview map.

All Pace screens can now show users real-time weather radar through our partnership with Perry Weather.

Geofenced areas can be displayed on the Pace screen map to show drivers which areas to avoid.

Make sure each vehicle is there when needed by assigning the vehicle to them through a solution unique to the user.

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